Tips for selecting dolls based on height and weight?

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Are you going to buy a love doll? If yes, then there are few of the most common questions that may strike your mind over and over again. When choosing your doll type, you need to determine how happy you are, starting from size, to height, and even the shape of your love doll.

Remember that sex doll customization is done by you to show the look you want, but you need to apply some basic stuff to the doll. Before buying, you must ask yourself a few questions, such as:

The material from which the sex doll is made is very important in determining the type of sex doll you should buy. Today, we love the TPE and silicone materials in lover dolls so much that we are blind to the actual chemical composition of lover dolls.

Chemicals affect different people differently, which is why many people are allergic to latex and some are not. This is about chemicals that are not only harmful to your health, but can also have long-term effects on you when exposed.However, if you are looking forward to buying San Diego real 170cm sex dollyou’ll find many options to choose from.

  • How porous is the material from which the doll is made?

After understanding the characteristics of the sex doll material, you can have a guide to choose the right type of sex doll. Time and time again, manufacturers recommend cleaning methods for porous dolls, especially those made of TPE materials.

For example, if you have a TPE sex doll, you need to make sure it is cleaned properly as it is more porous than similar dolls. Realistic dolls can become breeding grounds for bacteria and mold if the material is too porous. The more pores a material has, the more likely it is to retain moisture and moisture in it, creating a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. If there is faster mold, your sex doll will start to look old.

Those who can clean can buy TPE dolls. If you can’t handle cleaning, wiping, and powdering your sex doll properly, you should stick with silicone dolls.whether it is about Asian Sex Dolls in Phoenix Or any other doll that needs cleaning time and time again. The more porous the material, the harder it is to sterilize the love doll and kill germs.

  • How reactive are the materials used to make love dolls?

In fact, most of us respond differently to different materials. Usually, love dolls are made of rubber, vinyl and PVC. Rubber has a strong odor and may cause skin irritation. However, if you want to buy a rubber sex doll, you should always use a condom to protect yourself from reactions. It’s also porous and may have some moisturizing power, making it difficult to get intimate even without protection.

When it comes to PVC and vinyl, they include phthalates because it’s added to make love dolls more flexible and realistically soft. These lifelike dolls should prompt you to use protection during sex without even buying them in the first place.

Finally, if you decide to buy a sex doll, you should know How to choose a safe online store or doll? And ask yourself the questions discussed above.

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