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(Popularity Rate: 59 ) What are the best sex toys in India?

o satisfy myself. I still use them on and off just to spice up things.
Later on my 20th birthday I discovered vibrators one of my boyfriend gifted it to me, it was a tiny bullet vibrator, I use to love it so much I would carry it everywhere with me. But I lost it somewhere so I bought a new Bluetooth operated one and that was the best, it would recharge and could be used for a long period of time. It had a key chain sort of a remote which would operate the vibrator. It had 4 pulse settings. It had a SOS style pusle setting, I love it the most. During my daily commute I would slip it inside me and wear my panties over it to prevent it from slipping out and them if i wished I would turn it on with the remote to enjoy while no one noticed. (last seats in the bus is the best place to have a silent orgasm without anyone noticing)
When I was 25 I had a chance of going to Singapore. I meticulously hunted down the sex shops there and bought myself a Hitachi wand and 3 dildo (black 8inch, pink 10 inch with custion cup at the end so i could stick it on the floor and ride it and a vibrating white rabbit) this was the best gift I gave myself in a long while i had spent over and above my budget in this.
Its been many years I still have them and almost use them on a regular basis. I lost the vibrating rabbit to battery leakage but I replaced it with another pink coloured rabbit, then an addition to this I have recently herd of the ohmybod and am saving to

(Popularity Rate: 100 ) How can dowry be justified?

re on parents looking for a partner for their daughter before marriage, and has ruined families after. I believe marriage is supposed to be an institution bringing two people together to become each other’s family so that they can provide each other with lifelong companionship and make/bring up children together. This same sacredness of marriage is tainted by the transactional nature of dowry, with materialistic needs that have to be fulfilled and equating a daughter-in-law to a burden instead of an asset.
Now, today’s daughters are different, as are the expectations they have to meet – expectations from their family and society. A young woman often begins a career or starts earning a salary after finishing some education (if not college as well). Typically, after a while (depending on how quickly others her age get married off in their society) she gets married off to a suitable man. But if she is married to an independent man, unless he is making pots of money, she will continue to work and contribute to running the household. Unless she is prohibited from keeping her job and told to stay at home. But the economy and society is such that, in most cases, both people in the marriage will be working professionals.
What has this got to do with dowry? Well, in societies where a girl’s education is not given any priority, the girl is married off pretty young to someone who is essentially going to take care of her, in every sense of the word. She will not have any financial independence because she won’t be earning a living. In such a case, dowry can be justified as a way of the girl’s family to thank the groom for everything he will do for her in the years to come. All the gifts provided will make the parents feel assured that their daughter will be living in comfort in her new home and life with this man. She will never have to feel like she is being dumped as a responsibility to her new family because she is bringing so much with her in dowry. Here, dowry is a form of security for the bride.
But if we go back to the modern, educated class of people who believe that women should be educated and work while they are married, dowry becomes outdated because the wife is perfectly capable to earn her own Custom Sex Dollmoney as well. Here, the marriage is more healthy because it can quality as a partnership between two people, as supposed to a deal or agreement between families.
So the lesson here is: education is key in life. The more people value it, the more it will benefit them and enable them to

(Popularity Rate: 37 ) Suppose Voodoo dolls were real. What happens when you sit on yours?

Say this was real, why would you sit on your own doll? Was it in your silicone doll vagina back pocket? Why? Why are you carrying your own voodoo doll of yourself around in your back pocket? Shouldn’t that be locked up in a safe where it can’t be harmed? If you sit on your own voodoo doll, you’ll probably die of stupidity.

(Popularity Rate: 41 ) What is your opinion about sex dolls?

s have had child dolls made as well as adult dolls made. Without consent of the people they use other people’s genital dimensions and also create dolls to Qita Dollabuse women’s integrity because they are not paedophiles. Paedophiles never mature socially and don’t know how to communicate as adults. Paedophiles in networks also get very bitter and aggressively because they are always rejected and always believe they should be wanted because they never developed out of childhood sex abuse. Bitter social.acts include revenge porn, using and abusing child welfare, as well as putting in legal applications in absentia of a parent for custody! Their anger and humiliation sends them that far into stupidity and insanity especially when they are female as well as, in some cases it has been reported , intersex females. Sex dolls have to be policed and the production of them isn’t and there doesn’t seem to be any ethics governing their creation. It’s fine if people consent, however a parent can’t consent for their child because it is child abuse
Daniel Hilson and Rebecca Gilsenan with the help of Marcel Tobar have enjoyed shaming people with sex dolls and doctored photos to abuse people because having a paedophile brain coupled with Asperger’s or a personality disorder has meant the most debased acta of stalking, including legal name changes, have gone protected by the police and unnoticed. Just as stealing a tattoo design is viewed as bullying so is I silicone doll vagina suppose non concensual doll making. What are the laws? And are they international? Australia doesn’t even have laws protecting children and people from human trafficking to and from LEBANON how would anyone protect their rights when a lot of stupid people want to be rapes and looked on social media (like Kim Kardashian in America’s rape culture)?
Sex dolls are cleaner than a celebrity and a North Sydney Girl from 1991 (gosh you wouldn’t want to ask why North West was called North after knowing she was designed to be born on 15 June 2013- a year late..and Kate Middleton and Megan Markle wear North Sydney Girls uniform coloursâ€?all allegations since Kanye is too ignorant to know Hitchcock films North by North West!!!!)…There are benefits to sex dolls and there would need to be sexual assaults studies and drug abuse around them to consider whether they are ethical
Since special effects companies can ma

(Popularity Rate: 16 ) How can I buy sex toys in Bangkok?

came to me , picked one of the toys and told me, if I am thinking of buying I should take this particular one. It was the most expensive one .I thought she only want to make a good sale. But she convinced me . She really insisted I should buy it. I hesitated but I was curious as well. I thought what the hell and I bought it.
That evening I tried the toy for the first time.I basically only tried the butterfly effect on my ….
That evening I had my first orgasm. It was so strong I cried.
I always thought I had one, but only then I realised what I was mistaking for orgasm was only good feeling before the actual orgasm.
I become pretty much Asian Sex Dolladdicted to my new ‘friend’.
There is no way any man could possibly provide the same stimulation.
The electricity was deep penetrating and the 7 levels of speed unreal.
I convinced my good friend buying it as well.
It took me about month of convincing her.
I had not seen her for a week after she bought it.
She said she as well h

(Popularity Rate: 96 ) Which countries cannot be delivered for sex dolls?

s – but not just the women. As things are right now, even the most realistic doll which can look like a real women in a picture and feel like real skin to the touch is still a mere fabrication, incapable of any movement or even changing facial expressions in the least. On the other hand, many have options such as natural body heat for the emotional types who just want someone to hold.
The one doll that can move it’s head and eyes while making facial expressions, and even talk Realbotix
(formerly known as Harmony) is still an early product and in my personal opinion they don’t look nearly as realistic as the TPE dolls from asia, but they are advancing.
If a doll could not only look and feel like a real woman, but also simulate facial expressions and move in a realistic manner, it wouldn’t even matter if they are really sentient or not. People in general are clearly capable of forming emotional connections with things that can even give the impression of being real.
The same could then likely be said for the emerging market of male sex dolls. Whereas right now they have permanent erections, when female dolls can be sufficiently mechanized so too would the male dolls with the capacity to form realistic erections. Combine that with AI and you basically have the perfect man who can listen to you, speak with you, clean for you, and pleasure you however you want to be pleasured.
My prediction is that such dolls, as they enter the market, would begin to fill a niche market with those who are driven, but lonely. Men and women who have active careers and either no time to date, or not interest in it. Even without sex dolls, people in some countries have already stopped engaging in sexual relationships with other real people for similar reasons.
Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?
In one anime series, Chobits, the backdrop of the story involved nearly life-like robots who could replace a human for most actions. Be it male or female, you could see people walking the streets happily with their robots. Throughout the story though you see examples of attractive women dealing with low self-esteem due to the fact that men in general didn’t need to approach them. There were still people dating, but the consequence of being able to custom order any woman you want is that natural flesh and blood women will have trouble competing.
Of course, there’s still one thing real flesh and blood women will always have over machines, and that’s the ability to procreate. Or so people think. Truth is, there is a type of technology being slowly developed – the artificial womb – which would allow a child to grow outside of a woman’s body. At present, laws on use of federal funding actually force all fetuses to be aborted within the first few weeks, but if the technology was allowed to fully mature it would allow women to abort a pregnancy without aborting a life permanently ending the abortion debate all together. Of course, feminism in general opposes it because of the perception of this technology replacing women.
If this technology was then miniaturized and placed within a robot body it could easily allow for a robot to get pregnant and carry a child to term. Of course, it would still require genetic information from the mother, but if that information was synthesized to match her features it could still work. Case in point, we already have the technology to obtain a person’s face from their genetic information left at a crime scene, so there’s no reason why it can’t be reversed.
This was the theme of a movie actually: Armitage III.
The background of this movie was that early Mars colonists were predominantly men and had a shortage of women needed to procreate. Androids were built specifically to be capable of carrying a child, but before the project could be completed Mars formed an Alliance with the then heavily Feminist driven Earth government, who would have frowned on the idea of artificial women used to bring children. As a result, these Androids were hunted and killed – some of which already pregnant with human babies.
In any case, demand will drive innovation to meet that demand whatever that demand is, and this will lead to a level of realism for these dolls to have other uses. If a doll is real enough to pose as human, it can naturally do housework or watch over children. This will of course be a good thing, freeing people up to have their home looked after regardless of it’s assigned gender.
From there though, such dolls could fill other niches. Consider, for example, the case of a sexless relationship. All to often either partner in a relationship will complain of a lack of intimacy, which often leads to infidelity. Even if the other partner would be OK with it, the complexity of new emotional ties can threaten a relationship. Alternatively, maybe neither wants to explore other partners. In such a scenario, a doll can be a suitable replacement for the level of intimacy they would otherwise not receive, which some people are already doing with sex dolls today, but can be more common in the future.
Dolls at this level of advancement could even help to give people the feeling of parenthood, which was the theme of a movie even. Of course, in that case the level of emotional complexity grew so advanced that he couldn’t deal with the feeling of being abandoned.
Additionally, society would need to grasp with if it will allow child dolls to exist that are so realistic. It could give a parent the feeling of nurturing a silicone doll vagina child, it could give a child a playmate, but it could also give a pedophile a sexual outlet. In this case, be they a male or a female, be their preference a boy or a girl, they can have exactly what they want however they want it. Personally, I believe that this would be positive overall, but many disagree and that’s going to have to be resolved by society as a whole.
In any case, the fact that there are so many science fiction stories in media that approach such a future from so many angles shows tha

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