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(Popularity: 38) How would women react if they found out their significant other had a realistic adult sex doll?

I had to “discover” it by accident and I’d be pissed. I don’t do “secrets” in my relationships. Secrets get in the way of intimacy. I value privacy, but there is a difference between privacy and confidentiality. Before they became 100cm Sex Dollpartners, I would talk to my partner about all kinds of things like politics, religion, feminism and sex. Before we start dating, they must know that I am sexually active, which means I trust any and all sexual activity with another consenting adult (including their single sex because they would agree to have sex with other consenting adults) having sex on your own) is okay. I believe any gender of this nature is good, even no sex at all, if that’s what the person wants. So in order for them to get to the “partner” stage, still *hiding* the fact that they have sex dolls…must be taken seriously. This will be a symptom of something deeper. Now…how do I feel about my partner having a sex doll? As I said, any sex between consenting adults is fine with me.if i meet someone like this sex doll skeleton I’m interested in a relationship with him, and I’ve learned he has a realistic sex doll, which I’ll take. In fact, I’m probably curious about it, if he’s open to a little exhibitionism, I’d like to see him masturbate with it (since it’s an inanimate object – you can’t have sex with a doll, you masturbate with it) . Hell, I want to own two of them myself. I hope one of them is an exact copy of mine. Having a replica of me helps a lot with my outfits so that I can see what I look like on my body from all angles while making the garments. I also want to watch my partner masturbate with it because I’m curious about how I look in certain positions and how my partner looks with me when I can’t see them or can only see them from one angle . Another doll I want is a male doll I can masturbate. I’m not a big fan of penetrative toys like dildos, so I never masturbate with these things, but I do enjoy having sex with men with penises.Sometimes, I want that feeling

(Popularity: 31) Can married women have sex toys?

Aside from common items like hairbrush handles and electric toothbrushes, all toys are allies. Then I graduated college and used real sex toys, and I’ve had sex toys ever since. I’ve had them in both of my marriages and it’s never been a secret. In fact, toys are very much a part of our sex life. One of my favorite things is laying down and letting him do all the work while I enjoy the fruits of his labor, he needs the right tools for the right job! My first husband traveled a lot for work, sometimes leaving for a few nights.I have no problem taking care sex doll skeleton My wish when he was on the road.a lot of times i put those

(Popularity: 97) Does blowing up sex dolls promote misogyny?

This answer may contain sensitive images. Click the image Robot Sex Doll to blur it. This no longer promotes misogyny…instead of kicking the guy out and promoting violence and phobias.

(Popularity: 69) Is owning an inflatable doll for sex?

My, I’ve defined what cheating is in detail, I’ve pasted the relevant part of the answer below: [1]
Cheating, in the traditional sense, means breaking a promise. Commitment is a promise to act in a certain way or not to act. The commitment that comes with relationships takes the form of exclusivity—emotional and sexual. Sexual exclusivity refers to the mutually agreed-upon limitations of the partners in the relationship, namely having sex with someone other than the partner, i.e. having “sex” only with the person who made the commitment. To cheat, one must have real (not imagined/fantasy) sex with someone else. The question that arises is – what is sex? Any behavior is called “sex” 1. This leads to sexual arousal, which then manifests as sexual energy. However, such a broad definition would result in activities such as viewing pornography and masturbation being included in its scope, which is unreasonable. Therefore, its scope should be narrowed. Therefore, 2. The involvement of one or more other persons with whom sexual activity is permitted. “Human” means a living, biologically human individual. Therefore, using a doll does not constitute cheating, nor does using a toy constitute cheating. Bestiality does not equal deceit. This leads to the next question: Is actual physical behavior a prerequisite for deceptive behavior? I tend to answer in the negative. Phone sex, sexting both lead to the satisfaction of the first two conditions. Physical contact aggravates cheating, but is not a prerequisite for its formation. In other words, a lack of physical contact does not preclude a certain behavior from constituting cheating. I used the word “real sex” in the introductory paragraph. What does that mean? According to me, sex is “real” if it’s not a mere fantasy or thought process, or a desire to have or an offer to have. Fantasies involving a third party are equivalent to “sex” but are not “real” and therefore do not constitute deception. Likewise, a desire to cheat does not constitute cheating if the desire is not fulfilled. How about a sexual act proposed to a third person? It constitutes “preparation” to have sex, and an act has multiple stages. (1) Prepare (2) Attempt (3) Complete. Deception is only constituted if “sex” has or wishes to reach or exceed the attempt stage. (I borrowed this from the crime model, which states that crimes have distinct stages, and that the culprit is only after the attempted stage. As I pointed out earlier, a necessary condition for cheating is that a third person is involved, Having sex with him is okay, the person here is a living biological human individual. If there is no such person with whom you can have sex, there is no room for cheating. The inflatable doll is not a living biological human, but just a toy , for masturbation purposes. Of course, one could argue that if there is an understanding between the partners in the relationship, neither party should resort to using masturbation toys for their own satisfaction and then using inflatable dolls. However, most Rational partners would never really prohibit their partner from using such toys, although some may feel insecure and/or inadequate knowing and/or how they use it. However, the insecurity a partner feels A sense of inadequacy or inadequacy does not in itself turn something that wasn’t cheating into cheating. So my conclusion is that the use of an inflatable doll, or in the case of women, a vibrator or dildo or any other such masturbation device , are not cheating.
[1] Alex Houston’s answer to What is considered cheating in a relationship? Are these points cheating? 1. Misleading or dishonest conduct

(Popularity: 13) What sex toys have you used so far?

e I have anal sex with her. After that I met her 2-3 times. She also has a dildo. Because she loves trying these things. I bought her a wearable panty vibrator and use it when she takes me to dinner. You should see her face. After that, we had very rough sex at her place. She is Punjabi. I really like Punjabi. Because of their accent, their attitude towards life. They have a very big heart, it’s just that you need to protect that place. I wanted to give that to her, but she also paid my price for it. She liked it very much and said, “Thank you,

(Popularity: 45) I want a sex toy, but my boyfriend doesn’t want me to get one because he thinks it will be better than him. what should I do?

with my own body. I find that if they want to control me in one area, they usually try to control me in other areas, and for the most part, they tend to suck in bed. Totally not worth my time and attention. As for his “reasons”, it would be “better” than him…it shows how profoundly ignorant I am about how sex works and how relationships work that I can’t even imagine respecting or loving someone so backward. We would be worlds apart and it would feel like dating an elementary school student who is equally uneducated about how things work. I can’t love someone who doesn’t at least have the same level of understanding of how things work. Not as a romantic partner anyway. As a child, maybe. But it is not only an unfortunate incompatibility, but a serious danger, if one has a child’s understanding of how things work, yet possesses an adult level of power and control. You leave yourself vulnerable to extremely abusive relationships. It’s best to get out as soon as you have the strength.Believe me, there are a lot of people who are not ignorant about sex, biology, and relationships, and are extremely insecure, while believing that the solution to one’s insecurities is to control others

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