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(Popularity Rate: 10 ) What product is insanely popular but is actually total crap?

e is a risk that said person will send it out to everyone they know, or post it on a porn site.
I also understand that in today’s day and age, storing anything in the Cloud, or in an unprotected folder can result in data, hacking and people browsing through your phone to gain your personal information.
There are risks to keeping so many private things on a cell phone you take everywhere and everyone needs to be aware of these risks and know what steps to take to protect themselves.
That being said, I am constantly surprised by the enthusiasm and celebration that erupts when it becomes known that someone’s privacy has been violated and their sensitive videos and images have been leaked without their permission.
We have seen it happen numerous times. There was the “fappeningâ€?where high profile celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence had their nude images hacked and then released to the public via social media. There was also a hack of the WWE women’s division, where several female athletes had their videos and images released.
There was also a teacher who was fired, after a student found her phone and then sent a private photo of her to other students in the class. She was also accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, simply because said minor took her phone and browsed through her gallery without her knowledge.
Teacher loses job after student takes her phone, shares nude
A Teacher Could Face Charges After a Student Stole Her Phone and Distributed Her Nude Photos
In another case, a high profile Youtuber was appalled to find out that her ex-boyfriend had secretly recorded himself raping her while she was unconscious and that he had then posted the video onto several porn websites. Viewers expressed their discontent and disappointment in her for having a sex video leaked without her consent (not the mention the fact she was unconscious).
My story: Revenge porn changed my life
Even at a high school level, there were numerous cases where guys sent nude images they had received from girls, or guys would call their friends over when they received nudes from the girls they were dating and show them in order to brag about how hot the girl they are dating was.
To me, this has always been violating, disgusting and abhorrent behavior. When someone has not given their permission or consent for their nude images to be leaked and showed around I think it is a huge intrusion of their privacy.
Regardless, whenever high profile female celebrities have their nude images hacked and leaked to the world, people often respond by rejoicing and praising the hackers.
The “fappeningâ€?is still looked back on as a wonderful memory and cause for rejoice. Despite this fact, several female celebrities were humiliated when their photos were leaked. This was the way in which one of the women involved, found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her because he had numerous videos and nude images leaked, some of which showcased other women.
Other female celebrities were the victims of photoshopping, in which people pretended that these women had nude images when in reality they were either using look-alike models or doing somewhat realistic photoshop jobs. Arianna Grande and Selena Gomez were both victims of this during the fappening. They had no actual nude images leaked but people still released photoshopped images that made it look like they had and people believed it.
I’ve seen everyone from self-proclaimed male feminists to others look back at events like this fondly and make horn dog comments about how great it was. They completely lack empathy for the victims and appear to low-key approve of leaking private images of women, despite their public claims that they treat women with respect and decency.
If you celebrate women’s privacy being violated in such an upsetting and humiliating fashion, you do not treat women with respect and decency in my opinion, I don’t care what you have to say about it. I’ve stopped following and supporting numerous men here on Quora, just for the things I have seen them say in regards to events like the fappening.
When people bring up problems like this people often blame the victims for having nude images in the first place. They should have never taken a nude photo. They should have never had anything in the cloud, etc. They say the victims deserved it for essentially, not expecting to be hacked or to have their trust betrayed by someone they loved and trusted.
There are also very awful revenge porn sites where exes frequently post pictures of their ex-girlfriends.
On these sites, they will often take nude images that they received from their ex, post it with degrading and hateful comments, put the woman’s Cheap Sex Dollfull name and address and invite othe

(Popularity Rate: 32 ) What was the first science fiction story to contain a robot sex doll?

time in the history of cinema, gave the role of femme fatale to a robot: Maschinenmensch, a robot replica of Maria, the film’s leading lady. The human side of robot Maria is robotic sex toy for women so perfect that, managing to substitute the original without any trouble, she incites a worker uprising against the bosses.
Almost a century since Metropolis, the dizzying pace of technological advances forces us to constantly rethink where the line is drawn separating fiction from reality. Today, robot Maria is ready to take the leap over into the real world. We are looking at the production of a new type of robot with a human appearance, life-sized and with a certain kind of brain.
There is no shortage of futurologists who maintain that, within a matter of decades, machines could replace humans in a still undetermined number of relationships, such as care companionship, friendship or sexual relations (which are currently confined to two or more beings from our own species).
A robot as a romantic partner?
The possibility of acquiring intelligent robots as companions is, in principle, set to become a reality this very year. Several companies from the sex technology sector, in various parts of the world, are working on the launch, which they say is ‘imminentâ€? of new life-like sex dolls equipped with artificial intelligence, capable of discussing literature, selecting romantic music to create the right ambiance, or even telling a joke, although, in line with demand, they primarily react to all forms of sexual urges.
The current leader in the hyper-realistic sex doll sector is the Real Doll by Abyss Creations. This US company with 20 years of experience, based in San Marcos, California, is working to equip its prototype, Harmony, with artificial intelligence. The goal of its inventor, Matt McMullen, is for his robots to interact with users as naturally as possible, learning, amongst other things, details about their lives.
But McMullen is not the only one. The robot women designed in Catalonia, Spain by Sergi Santos, a nanotechnology and computer engineering expert, can interact in family or romantic mode, although (like Harmony) they are chiefly designed to have sexual relations, and to feel an orgasm. In this case, the robots could serve as a tool for realising all types of fantasies.
The male versions of these robots, which Santos is also planning to release, are further behind in the development stage, both because the demand for them Lifelike Sex Dollsis lower and owing to the weight factor: the materials currently used to produce them are “too heavyâ€?for a female public.
Is the development of sex robots a mere anecdote? Not for the Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR), based in the Netherlands. In a recent publication, it warns of the implications of the production and use of robots made to look like children. “We need clarification on policies on child sex robots at the international level sooner rath

(Popularity Rate: 11 ) Is it legal to get sex toys delivered to the UAE?

ts like vibrators, dildos, cock rings, penis enlargement pumps, penis erection spray, sexy lingerie for women, handcuffs, blindfolds, condoms, lubricants, men’s strokers, masturbators, adult games, naughty gifts and more. Whether you robotic sex toy for women want sex toys for yourself or couple’s play, adultvibesuae has the best sex toys online at affordable prices. Don’t worry about the delivery, adultvibesuaeis the pioneer of the ‘disc

Sex Doll

Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex Doll

(Popularity Rate: 70 )

as changed my body, and my tits and ass have gotten bigger. But I love my children and my job as a horny sex doll. However, I don’t love my ex-husband at all and I’m happy that I’m no longer his sex doll. I’d rather be your MILF sub in bed, because I love being dirty and holding up my large ass to my owner for doggystyle. Oh, by the way, my name is Trisha and I’m 41 years old. If you’re nice, you can f**k me in the ass when you become my real doll owner.After my break-up, I went to swinger parties with a few friends. I think that it’s so exciting to put on a mask and walk into a room full of strangers and wait and see who the next person will be to put mylove dollbody to use. Obviously, I’m not a jealous sex doll and don’t want to keep all your lust to myself. You should be able to share your hard c**k with my sex doll friends, and I totally support the idea of bringing another one into our bed. Because I would also like to sleep with a sweetreal dollagain and lick her pleasure holes. How about a cute inexperienced

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) How do you feel about doll collectors?

strictly for kids and people relate collectors only to coins or postal stamps.
When I started collecting 4â€? years ago, Teen Sex Dollmy family just flipped. “You are spending money on junk?â€?was my mother’s reaction when she came across my then very small collection in my cupboard. “You collect toys? Oh you are such a baby.â€?was some of friends reaction. Some couldn’t believe I collect dolls for fun and thought I was stocking them up for my future robotic sex toy for women kids to play with (can you believe them?). Although they have come around, I still have to witness shock (not sur

(Popularity Rate: 60 ) Have you visited Robert the Doll who is said to be cursed? Do you think his curse is real or just a myth? Have you been “cursedâ€?by him?

ever messed with magic or even researched it prior to this event)
About a year ago, I made this “online friendâ€?on twitter who I enjoyed talking to. She is what you would call “twitter famousâ€?being that she has thousands and thousands of followers, and had a seemingly great, funny personality. She always posted “jokinglyâ€?about being a witch and casting spells on people, but I never took any of that seriously. She did very often post her crystal collection, but I thought nothing of it.
One day, I posted something funny on twitter, something in reference to a Spongebob meme, (because I love spongebob y’all, who doesn’t)
Well, this girl, we will call her R, went ballistic claiming I copied her post, and started posting and tweeting repeatedly how she was going to hex me. She deleted me off her friends list and I was like, well�.ok.
Like I said, she continued posting things like “this b*tch always copies me!!!â€?and all of her followers were replying things such as, “Hex that b*tch!â€?and so on. (When seriously guys, I truly did not even mean to copy her in any way. I didn’t even notice she had posted something similar earlier that day)
I thought nothing of it, and let me emphasize again that I had never, EVER played with or researched magic, crystals, spells, anything of that prior to this happening.
A week later I started hallucinating every single day and having extremely odd delusions. I ruled that out to it having to be caused by my bi-polar medication I am on and thought nothing of it.
A week after that, I started getting nightmares so terrifying that I had to sleep with my parents for 3 weeks straight. Every single nightmare had to do with me getting killed in a very gruesome or religious way. (And yes, I was 22 years old at this point and I had never been scared of practically anything in my entire life before this)
My psychiatrist prescribed me heavy sleeping pills, and yet the nightmares, night terrors, and sleep paralysis would not go away.
After the third week, my mom told me I needed to go try and sleep in my own room. I was hesitant but agreed. She asked what the doctor thought was causing the nightmares, and I just said he didn’t know.
That night, I fell asleep at about 1 am. It then felt like I had been lifted out of my body, and I saw this DISTURBINGLY clear image of R in her room, with crystals and lit candles around her. Her very distinct voice came on like a megaphone in my brain and she was repeating what sounded like a spell to me. She was repeatedly calling out for her “spirit guidesâ€?to guide her and inflict pain on me. (Again y’all, I had never even heard the term “spirit guideâ€?in my life – AND this girl lives over 1,000 miles away from me)
I was then in the middle of some gymnasium type building walking in circles. Raw eggs were growing out of the back of my mouth. And what I mean by this is, I literally felt eggs overflowing my mouth, nearly choking me. I was screaming for help and she was standing there pointing and laughing at me. This felt like an eternity, I was convinced I was in hell and this would never end.
Every time I thought they would stop coming out of my mouth, it would just begin again.
All of a sudden, her face, clear as day itself, hovered in front of me. It looked like I was looking at a still from a movie, it was THAT clear. I really cannot place enough emphasis on how clear her face was during all of this.
I then felt a stabbing, excruciating pain in both my ear canals and I am telling you, fellow Quora users, I am 300% sure I felt what it felt like to be electrocuted via electric chair. I had never felt such pain my entire existence. I began to lose all my senses. First my hearing, then my eyesight, then smell, then sense of touch.
I woke up suddenly at 4:00 AM on the dot, with my mouth bleeding from me having been scratching the back of it so hard during my sleep. I started to try and get dressed to take myself to the emergency room because my head hurt so bad I thought I was having a brain aneurysm. I was in such pain and shock I could not scream or cry. I did not want to wake my parents up though, because they would be extremely suspicious of me leaving the house at that time of the night�so I instead walked eerily slowly to my bathroom and sat in a hot bubble bath for 3 hours.
The next day on twitter, R started a live video and jokingly said to her viewers, “it’s weird guys, I feel like I have eggs in the back of my mouth!â€?I swear to each and every one of you that everyth

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