How to take care of your reality sex doll

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You’ve bought yourself a top and very beautiful realistic sex doll; congratulations. But like all other material possessions in life, you need to take good care of your sex doll to keep it looking its best and prolong its shelf life. Mentioned below are some of the ways you can maintain and care for your realistic sex doll.

you have to clean sex doll Use regularly before and after. Even if you don’t clean your doll before use, you should clean it after because it comes in contact with your bodily fluids. After each use, you can properly clean your doll with cleaning tools like a vaginal douche and a loofah. When cleaning your doll with any of the above products, use a mixture of warm water and antiseptic soap.

After washing your doll, you must ensure that she is properly dried. Without this, she could be attacked by fungi, which would reduce her quality and make it unsafe to use. Clean her vagina with a soft towel and dry thoroughly. Also, you can use a hair dryer to clean your doll.

After drying your sex doll’s skin, put some baby powder on her. The application of baby powder will dry out excess moisture from the sex doll’s skin and keep it soft at all times.

If you put makeup on your love doll before each sex, use a damp tissue or a damp washable cloth to remove it. After removing makeup, dry her face with a tissue or cloth to absorb any remaining moisture.

Once or twice a week, take extra care to wash her wig separately. In this case, gently rinse her wig with a mild shampoo mixed with hot and cold water. After washing, let her wig air dry. Using a blow dryer may damage her hair, as the breeze temperature may be too harsh for her.

When not in use, store your doll In a cool place free of moisture and other dust particles. Avoid direct sunlight at all costs, as harmful UV rays can chemically affect silicon.

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