How to maintain a sex doll wife’s wig regularly

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The porosity of TPE is a disadvantage. TPE dolls can also see the oil oozing out of the pores, please be careful if you like or “enter”. Porosity also means it absorbs dirt from clothes and retains moisture. This can lead to mildew. Therefore, not only clean the doll after use, but also dry it. You can take a shower now. You can bathe with a TPE sex doll, but make sure the water temperature does not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is too high, the doll may be damaged. Silicone doesn’t have this problem, so I’ll go into details.

This is our entry point.With our extensive experience, dozens of hours of research time and comment forums, we have handpicked the top 10 blacklists realistic sex doll Women of 2022. But why do you need to trust us? We have a team of experienced sex doll wives experts. Over the years, a vast knowledge base has given hundreds of people access to coveted sex dolls and, finally, rejuvenated sex lives. Best of all, our quality assessment team conducts extensive product surveys and factory tours to ensure you get the highest quality sex dolls when you order here. So don’t worry; you’re safe!

Doctors say it is unfair to deny the right to live together. Sex is part of our basic needs, WM doll People should have equal access to it. It shouldn’t be unique to the people who live with it. Policymakers need to start thinking about different ways of implementing social distancing measures without significantly affecting people’s sex lives. Especially since the lockdown is about to be eased again. As sexually deprived people eventually return to the game, sexual activity will increase rapidly.

Dear reader, did you like my brief report last week? Thank you for rating my loved ones on forums and blogs. you are cute!Now, a realistic cheap sex doll Two weeks into a body change with a new silicone doll, I’ve slipped and fallen several times. It still takes me a few minutes to go from one lover doll to another lover doll, from rag doll to silicone doll, much faster than other methods, but it works so well every time, I can think more. Remove from the replacement cloth.

Avoid dark wig caps and use light wig caps instead of dark wig caps.if the skin mini sex doll Be clean, dark cloth dyes can leave stains on dolls with prolonged contact. If your doll has dark or brown skin, you can use a dark wig cap, but unless it’s particularly noisy, a light wig cap is recommended. Taking good care of your doll’s wig is important to avoid knots and knots. You want her to have long flowing hair, not her messy hair. Brushing your teeth is simple, easy, and has a big impact.

This shows that the combination of TPE, flexible plastic and silicone has come a long way. This allows the doll to embed more TPE in certain parts of the body and use high-tech silicone on the head to embed human hair. There is a feature in it. In the past, TPE, an ultra-soft plastic centered on toys and sex dolls, seemed to be out of step with silicone everywhere.Visible only full TPE sex dolls or full silicone sex doll in the market. Could not match.

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