How long do sex dolls last? What’s the best way to save it?

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For most men in the world, traveling to a fantasy dreamland has never been easier or more exciting. However, with the advent of sex dolls, the meaning of sexual satisfaction or pleasure has completely changed. Now, people are understanding the importance of valuing their physical desires. They prefer to have sex with adult dolls than real women because the latter provides them with a better sense of satisfaction and happiness. Ultimately, this led to an increased demand for sex dolls.

If you’ve heard of sex dolls, you might also be interested in buying a new breed of adult sex dolls in Denver. isn’t it? However, just buying is not enough. Since this is a huge investment, you need to understand the lifespan of your doll and what you can do to extend her lifespan.

There is no specific time frame to define the exact lifespan of the doll. However, the cleanliness of the doll, the material of the doll, the storage conditions of the doll and other factors will directly affect the survival period of the doll.

Some of the main factors are described below-

  1. usage frequency

The lifespan of a sex doll depends on how often you use the doll. If you use it day and night, the vaginal area of ​​the doll may wear out very quickly. Some parts may even come off if the doll is not made of high-quality materials. This is why some dolls have removable and replaceable vaginas and penises.

If you buy a garment with a low quality material/fabric, it will wear out faster than you think. The same goes for Dreamy Silicone Love Dolls from Maryland. Although silicone and TPE are expensive, they are very durable. Therefore, silicone or TPE dolls will last longer than dolls made from other materials.

You may not have the habit of doing laundry. However, if you plan to buy a doll, be prepared for the responsibility of cleaning her all the way. Not cleaning the doll can cause bacteria to build up, making the doll unsafe to use.

The way you store your doll can also have a big impact on your doll’s health and longevity. The doll’s body may develop indentations, leading to rips and large tears. Arms, crotch, knees and elbows are more sensitive to creases. Therefore, pay attention to the storage of the doll.

This clearly shows that if you take good care of your doll, she can last longer (eg, 2 years to 10 years). On the other hand, she may not be able to serve you for more than a year without taking care of her.

How to save or maintain a doll

Now, when you know that maintenance is the key to long-term preservation of your doll, here are some effective tips that you should follow –

  • Clean the doll regularly; wash her holes properly.
  • Always dry her face with a dry cloth.
  • Wash the doll’s wig with a mild shampoo.
  • Do not use silicone-based lubricants on dolls.

The better you are at maintaining your doll, the better the doll will serve you throughout her life. Also, don’t forget to check out the basic tips for introducing a love doll to your wife or girlfriend, as this will enhance your sexual pleasure.

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